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Nothing is changing the face of financial industry more rapidly than developments in information technology. With technology changing on an ongoing basis financial institutions have focused on keeping a tight budget on internal resources, leaving the technology headaches for someone else to solve. Flexione has emerged as a valuable partner of financial institutions looking for critical IT resources. When you engage us ,we let you explore these questions:

  1. How can you leverage new technologies to better serve customers and reduce costs?

  2. How can you remain competitive by managing your complex IT projects in a cost effective manner?

  3. How do you leverage on the expertise of external IT resources in the changing technology landscape?

Why Flexione?

Region’s best mind at work. Flexione’s IT specialists are experienced professionals with an enviable track record in the BFSI (banking , finance, Securities Insurance) domain. Most of them are qualified engineers with several years of experience acquired with the leading banks and financial institutions in the region.

Experience on wide range of tools and technologies: Our consultants are trained on industry's leading tools and technologies.
Strong Domain Knowledge: Ask for IT specialists with background in capital markets, retail banking, front office, securities, derivatives, wealth management, payment support, foreign exchange, money market, SOX etc.

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What are your IT challenges?

E–Commerce: innovations in financial practice that are internet-based can be supported by our technology experts on J2EE , Dot-Net, Web Servers etc.

Legacy Systems: Whether it is Mainframes, AS/400, Tandem based development or migration - we help you manage your robust IT systems at all times.

Data Mining & Data warehousing: Your data warehousing and data migration endeavor to search for previously unknown, actionable information from large databases can be supported by our experienced team.

Product Customization: With a range of banking products flooding the market, our technology customers can look for product champions to help them in implementation and support.

Infrastructure & Security: You can rely on our experienced team of system administrators, database administrators network specialists, IT security specialists to support your IT infrastructure.

and many more...


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