Ask the giants in IT product development or R&D Managers of major research labs and they will have the same story to narrate - all your efforts towards creating a world class product starts from getting the "right people". We aim to work with the research labs, design houses product development companies in fulfilling their most critical needs -"the right brains" essential for a world class product. Your Billion dollar idea from concept to silicon can be completed with the best technical talent from Flexione.

Our Capabilities:

Hardware Design (Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal)

  • Application Specific Integrated Chips (ASIC)
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) – Xilinx ,Altera and Actel
  • HDL Languages-VHDL, Verilog
  • Design tools –Synopsys ,Cadence , Mentor graphics etc.
Software Design
  • C, C++,
  • Firmware Design
  • Development using Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), VxWorks, pSOS, Thread X, Enea OSE, Embedded Linux, Palm & WinCE.
  • Migration of VxWorks or Psos application to Linux platform.
New Directions
  • Digital Video Technologies
  • Communication chips for wireless and broadband
  • Smart Card solutions
  • Telecom & Networking

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Region’s best mind at work. Flexione’s design specialists are experienced professionals with an enviable track record in the design space. Most of them are Electronics engineers with several years of experience acquired with major design labs across the world.

Experience on wide range of tools and technologies: Our consultants are trained on industry’s leading tools and technologies.

Strategic Location: Singapore is home to world’s best design labs. We are located in Singapore giving us the advantage of tapping the best talent from the region.

Flexible engagement models: Handle peak and low volume work periods without incurring additional costs by engaging our consultants on short-term or long term engagement basis.

Specialists: Empower your R&D department with specialists which you are either not able to hire in the current design market or you require for a short term niche project.

Cost: You won’t believe till you call us that we provide the best value for the money spent.  




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