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People Developer

Worldwide businesses have realized that to compete in the product or services market ,it is critical to address critical people issues first. While there has been many buzzwords in the HR domain, the introduction of comprehensive HR standards like "P-CMM", "People Developer" and "Excellence through People" has strengthened HR organizations across the world with companies fast adopting to an integrated system of HR management that links important people practices. People Developer is one such standard. The standard which has evolved after two years of international research and field tested with 55 organizations has drawn valuable lessons from the American and British models of human resource excellence.

The People Developer is Singapore's quality standard on human resource development which offers organizations a systematic process to review their people practices, develop staff and improve training effectiveness.

Flexione's People Developer Practice : Our strong domain knowledge of HR practices and programs makes us an ideal partner for companies looking to implement people developer .

Our Strength:

1. Structured methodology

2. HR Domain Knowledge

3. Experienced consultants to facilitate understanding of People Developer standard

4. Additional Programs to strengthen your HR Programs and learning practices

HR Consulting

Our strategic HR consulting division also provides guidance in the following areas :

  • HR Program Development & Deployment

  • HR Audit

  • Employee Opinion Surveys & customized HR Surveys

  • Retention strategies & Programs

  • Work-life Programs

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Corporate downsizing and Reduction in Workforce

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