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Flexione is creating a  path-breaking training solution for the corporate world. Whether you are a  small firm or a  big enterprise, you need not create a huge training infrastructure any more. The entire training process from training need analysis, classroom management to training feedback will be managed by Flexione staff. Through a membership based profile  our corporate customers would have access to a pool of qualified trainers, training programs and training resources. Most importantly you will have complete control on the training process and also derive tremendous cost savings due to sharing of resources. Training programs are organized across 4 different disciplines.

  1. Management Topics (People Management, six-sigma , Diversity ,leadership)

  2. Human Resources (Employment agreements, Retention strategies, diversity)

  3. Personal Effectiveness (Managing Time, Tele-working, Powerful presentations, Managing stress etc.)

  4. Team Building & Outbound Training Activities.


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